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.....Uniting Climate Activist to Reverse Global Warming through Regenerative Agriculture to create a Thriving Earth


As global citizens, we want to build a legacy for our earth that supports harmonizing with nature and producing healthy food for all people of every creed and culture. In order to create this legacy, we must overcome global warming and environmental degradation.  Today, in partnership with Drawdown GA, our home state, we must make a difference in securing a thriving earth for future generations.


As active change agents of TEF, we feel your hopelessness and concern for the future.  We are working towards building a future of a thriving earth.  Although, we are a young foundation we have an expert team, with extensive experience, and we are partnering with the right industry leaders to make our commitment a reality.


Our plan is gaining ground. We are building relationship with climate activists, farmers, ranchers, consumers, and educators.  We want to make it easy for farmers ranchers and gardeners to practice regenerative agriculture.  They will need the knowledge and resources to invest in building this legacy.  We must invest in future generations by creating regenerative agriculture education such as introductory seminars, boot camps, tools, resources, and degrees taught at technical schools, colleges, and universities.


You can be a part of the success at TEF.  We invite you to put your hands in the soil by donating, volunteering, or partnering with our organization by helping to build a thriving earth that is no longer in fear of climate change and has a citizenry of planetary stewards.  Together we can:


•Bring carbon into the ground, increase global cooling

•Clean rivers and streams, more rain less environmental disasters

•Farmers with dignity and profitability

•Produce healthier food

•Create happy healthy farming communities

•Succeed at social food justice for all 


We have a choice, to act, or let it happen to us. The sea and temperatures rising. There is an increase in pollution, world hunger, and environmental disasters.  As global citizens let’s participate in the legacy of our planet and  take the road less traveled which will make all the difference.  Let’s become a world community that reverses global warming, and provide clean water, overcome world hunger, and produce healthy food from green farmers thriving with abundance.


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