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Wheat Field


We partner and collaborate with organizations and global citizens to form a common ground that supports green (regenerative practices) farming that reverses global warming (CO2 sequestration), by providing funding, best practices, education and awareness, effective tools, equipment, and reporting that support emerging populations with healthy food living in abundance. 


We fund farming that increases green practices that demonstrate an increase in farming yield and contributes to carbon rich soil and global cooling. Farmers who are interested in regenerative practices will benefit by increasing their food production, conserving their soil, producing food at a lower cost, and improving the biodiversity of their harvest. Regenerative farming practices will contribute to positive climate change by supporting global cooling through carbon sequestration.  This will contribute to US farm production with healthier food and for a growing population.


We partner with global citizens, green philanthropist, and organizations through our common ground initiative to support farmers and aspiring farmers with funding, education, best practices, and equipment and tools

that support regenerative practices that cool the planet  and feed the worlds growing population.     


We provide news and information that shows science through efficacy of carbon sequestration and the impact on climate change and make information, easy to understand, so our audiences, farmers, and consumers, can proceed quickly in efforts to feed our growing population and reverse global warming.


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