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Happy Farmer

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We partner and collaborate with organizations and global citizens to form common ground that supports green (regenerative practices) farming that reverses global warming (CO2 sequestration), by providing funding, best practices, education and awareness, effective tools, equipment, and reporting that support emerging populations with healthy food living in abundance. 

Our Programs are currently under review

​Our Farming Programs will be centered around five opportunities for development and change.

  • Farmer (Potential for partial to full regenerative farming change)

  • New Farmer (Not a student)  

  • Student Farmer (In school to become a farmer)  

  • Community Farming (Shared farming environment)

  • Farming Educator (Teacher/Consultant/Trainer)

Each of the Farming Programs will include a full project life cycle to ensure full support for our farmers and careful and accurate accountability to support change. Our high level summary list includes:

  1. Assessment  

  2. Program Design

  3. Feasibility Study

  4. Procurement (equipment, tools, materials)

  5. Schedule/Critical Path

  6. Project Tracking/Reporting

  7. Project Completion


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