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Did you know that we can reverse climate change?

We can reverse climate change! It’s true! The condition of the climate is not hopeless! There is more we can do to than just reduce carbon we can amazingly increase the amount of Carbon we capture in the ground.

We can use farming practices that keep our soil rich with carbon so we can grow healthy food for a growing population. This is much like the farming before mainstream farming came to the forefront after world war 11. When using these farming principles it not only promotes soil health rich in carbon but also increases the ability of plants and trees to transpire which takes heat from the atmosphere. Thriving plants and trees transpire more water to gas in their natural process and this also helps produces more clouds which also help cool the planet.

Many farmers especially smaller scale are practicing farming methods that enhance a rich carbon sponge. The most common name for this type of farming is called regenerative agriculture.

The Rodale Institute which is one of the oldest and respected in the study of organic agriculture wrote a paper with overwhelming optimism saying that by changing to regenerative farming globally, we could draw down from our atmosphere more than 100 percent of the carbon produced in a year.

There is something we can do to reverse climate change! 2021 is the perfect time to get into action and do something that naturally works. We have a huge opportunity and responsibility as global citizens to participate in the common good for this planet and future generations. We can help reverse global warming.

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